Post-Construction Perfection

Whether it's a business or a home, when construction work wraps up, there's always a big final task: the crucial clean-up. That's where Master Clean steps in.

We handle it all - from the mess inside to the debris outside, tackling everything from removing plaster and hard wall splatters to hauling away piles of rubbish. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of post-construction cleaning, ensuring every aspect is taken care of.

Equipped with the right materials, tools, and skilled labor, we're committed to meeting your cleaning deadlines while delivering top-notch results. Our stellar track record speaks for itself, having worked seamlessly with construction, refurbishment, fit-out, and modular companies.

Our services cover interior and exterior window, frame, and door cleaning, as well as floors, walls, worktops, and exterior panels. We don't stop there – we also tidy up footpaths, driveways, and roofs. Our skilled team arrives fully equipped with all the necessary supplies and tools.

At Master Clean, our builder specialists are both experienced and trusted. Fully trained and insured, we prioritize integrity and guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Expertise in After Build Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning up after builders and adding that finishing touch to both commercial and residential properties.


Our Services Include:

  • Clearing paint and plaster from wooden and vinyl floors

  • Expert cleaning of windows, removing stickers, adhesives, and any paint or plaster

  • Cleaning windows, frames, sills, doors, and door frames

  • Addressing skirting boards, sockets, switches, and walls

  • Thorough cleaning of all living spaces

  • Sanitizing tiles and bathroom fixtures, including label removal

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors (wooden, carpet, and vinyl) multiple times for a sparkling finish

Why choose us?

  • Comprehensive Insurance

  • Commitment to Health and Safety

  • Reliable and Professional Service

  • Competitive Rates

  • Flexible Hours Tailored to Your Project

  • Skilled Cleaning Professionals with High Standards

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