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Master Clean specializes in the cleaning and treatment of moss, algae, and lichens. Our skilled and fully insured team has the expertise to rejuvenate and protect your roof, ensuring the longevity of your property. Prior to any cleaning, we conduct a thorough survey, providing tailored advice for each roof's specific needs. Our experienced roof cleaning team has successfully treated various roof types, employing specialized methods for optimal results.

Different roof materials demand distinct treatment approaches to safeguard the tiles and achieve the cleanliness you desire. Pressure cleaning is suitable for certain tiles like real slate and concrete, while soft synthetic tiles benefit from bio-washing with our specialized chemical at low pressure after a careful scraping and brushing process.

Softwash/Biowash involves the application of a chemical to the roof, effectively eliminating moss, algae, and lichens. While it doesn't remove heavy moss or soiling, it complements other cleaning methods. Biowash ensures the eradication of remaining roots and spores that may have penetrated porous surfaces, contributing to a thorough and lasting cleaning outcome.

Our Expertise in Roof Cleaning

Master Clean are equipped to work on fragile roofs, utilizing brushing and scraping techniques when water pressure methods are unsuitable. Moss tends to flourish between joints and along the sides of slates/tiles, potentially causing water ingress and material deterioration over time.

The longevity of slates/tiles can be significantly compromised by the accumulation of excessive moss and algae.

Our expert team recommends optimal methods for cleaning, treating moss growth, and restoring your roof's lifespan. We meticulously clear gutters, wash fascia and soffits, ensure free downpipes, and undertake gutter repairs if needed.

Fully trained personnel equipped with safe passes utilize cutting-edge industrial equipment. References are available for numerous successful roof cleaning projects in the Munster area.

For safe, effective, and affordable roof maintenance, our Bio Wash cleaning stands out. Treating your roof with a biocide every 3-4 years prevents the growth of moss, algae, and lichens, ensuring there's no need for frequent cleaning.

The Bio Wash chemical treatment, sprayed and gently brushed onto the roof, provides long-lasting protection against organic growth.

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